Designing your vision

Creating functional and beautifully designed spaces to elevate your business.

It shouldn't be stressful

The stress of dealing with a major renovation of your business can be exhausting and time consuming. The majority of the issues lie in not having a structured plan from the beginning.

We aim to alleviate that stress with our 20+ years of expertise and fantastic planning skills.

Revit Bim Model

Enhanced Experience

With over 20 years of working for world class business, we can set your project up for success.  From feasibility planning to select real estate to knowledge of codes and zoning, we will move your design forward.

Dream Salon & Spa, Cherry Creek - Cincinnati, OH

Return on Investment

Your physical space can support your business goals! Envisage will ensure that your space supports your business, both now and in the future.

B&G Cigar Lounge - West Carrollton, OH

Make the Right Impression

Your space will reflect the business and your brand. By creating functional and beautifully designed spaces to elevate your business, your customers will see that you will provide a world class experience.

Because you will know the plan beforehand

We understand – planning your renovation strategy can overwhelm

From working for local businesses like B&G Cigars and Dream Salon & Spa, we are the industry experts you need.
You can trust us to design your vision with you!

The Process:

How it Works

Wendy Klepcyk, Architect and Sarah Kleiner, Architect

1. Chat with us

Meet with one of our team members to discuss all of your questions and concerns about a renovation.

How it Works

B&G Cigar Lounge - West Carrollton, OH

2. Design Your Vision

We’ll create an environment that will enhance productivity and the customer experience. A custom design that will differentiate your business to increase engagement, improving your bottom line. 

How it Works

B&G Cigar Lounge - West Carrollton, OH

3. Exceed Expectations

The ability to operate your business in a space that meets your current and future needs. 

Our Promise

At Envisage, we know that starting or expanding your business is a daunting task.  From selecting the space that will meet your needs, to designing a space that reflects your unique brand, we can usher you through the process.

We believe you should you be able to have a space that is proven to grow your business, while you focus on delivering an exceptional customer experience. 
The ability to create functional and beautifully designed space to elevate your business is within your grasp.