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Designing Your Home To Meet Your Needs

Helping transition your current house into the perfect home for the best years of your life. 

Wendy Klepcyk, Architect

It can be stressful

The anxiety of dealing with a major renovation on your home can be exhausting. The majority of this anxiety is because the project was started without a well designed plan. 

We aim to alleviate that stress with our years of expertise.

Contractor bids

Better Bids

Contractors will have blueprints and specs to base their quotes on. Each bid will address the specific project so you can compare apples to apples to ensure you’re getting exactly what you desire. 

Architectural drawings

Know Your Numbers

We can eliminate the fears of cost and time overruns with a defined plan before construction even begins.
We help projects come in on time and on budget.

Revit bim model

Less Surprises

Last minute changes, complications, and finish changes are where the majority of unnecessary expenses are created. By eliminating surprises it not only saves you money, but accelerates the timeline.

unless you will know the plan beforehand

We understand – having a home that works for your family makes everyone happy

Envisage helps people transition to the custom home of their dreams. 
You can trust us to get the job done for you.

The Process:

How it Works

Wendy Klepcyk, Architect and Sarah Kleiner, Architect

1. Chat with us

Meet with one of our team members to discuss all of your questions and concerns about a major home renovation.

How it Works

Residence, Newport KY Interior.jpg

2. Design Your Vision

We’ll create the home of your dreams that will serve all of your needs as you grow older. You deserve the home you have always dreamed of. 

How it Works

Residence, Newport KY Exterior.jpg

3. Exceed Expectations

The ability to stay in your family home, and live in the neighborhood you’ve called your own is priceless. You deserve to have your dreams come true. 

Our Vision 

At Envisage, we know the conversation around what your family home needs to be can be extremely difficult. 
Unfortunately the problem is, many couples avoid this conversation and never complete a project. Why continue to live in a space that doesn't meet your needs.  
We believe not only should you be able to stay in your family home, in your beloved neighborhood.  You deserve to have it transform into the custom home of your dreams.
Here’s how it works; schedule a call with our team, we’ll design your dream home, where you and your family will thrive.

Wendy Klepcyk, Architect and Sarah Kleiner, Architect
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