Art in Bloom

I look forward to The Cincinnati Art Museum Art In Bloom Exhibit every year. Once a year, for just over a week, the art comes alive through the living medium of flower arranging. Dozens of talented individuals throughout the tristate pick one of the museum’s works of art and translates it through fauna and flora. I love seeing each artist’s interpretation of the art, how it affects them, and how they use natural medium to express themselves. When you go you get to pick your three favorites for the best arrangements. I found it challenging to limit myself to three. Do you pick the prettiest, the one that tells the best story, the best use of materials, the best use of props? It wasn’t easy to

Blink Cincinnati

If you were one of the thousands of Cincinnati-area residents to head to Blink Cincinnati, you were part of a new city experience. For some,

How to: Place Merchandise in Optical Retail

Creating a Customer Experience Creating a great customer experience extends beyond the moment they leave your office or exam room. As a medical professional, the care you provide must make an impact into your patient’s health and wellbeing until you see them again in 1-2 years. Simply handing the patient a prescription as they leave the exam room does not ensure they will benefit from your care. How will your patient successfully maneuver through the endless frame, lens, and coating choices to meet their lifestyle, fashion, and vision needs? Converting your patients to retail customers must be considered a critical part of the customer journey. As part of your service experience, they will w

Places We Love: Newport

The Cincinnati area has been our home for more than 20 years. Design school initially drew us to the city, but we quickly fell in love with the community, and we’ve stayed here ever since. Over the past several years, we have come to know and love Newport, a Northern Kentucky community located just over the river from Cincinnati. Most of our experience with this charming community came through a local development project, Newport on the Levy, which transformed this small town. Through our engagement with Newport, we were able to add an exciting project to our plate: a small-footprint residence located on Dayton Street. Our goals matched the goals of our client: to maintain the character and

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