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Government & Nonprofit

Port Authority - Cincinnati, Ohio

Working to increase home ownership and affordable housing stock in existing transitional communities, the Port Authority of Cincinnati, Ohio gains ownership of dilapidated properties. They work with grants and local neighborhood groups and investors to renovate these properties into modern, healthy, livable homes. Our approach to these projects has been to improve the layouts of these existing properties to meet the needs of today's families and ensure that the project remains at a price point where both the developer and the community can afford it.

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Nursing Home: Ohio Veterans Home*

This Ohio Facilities Construction Commission (OFCC) project in Georgetown, Ohio was an 11,000 sf, two-story addition to the existing nursing home, providing some much-needed amenities and care areas for the residents. The design matched the existing building’s timeless character and occupancy safety. The program added a large assembly space as well as rehab and staff support areas. The project focused on providing fully accessible space, making memorable places, and upgrading security for the residences.


Nonprofit Work

How does your space tell the story of your nonprofit organization? We know how important your nonprofit is to you and your team, and we can help your environment reflect that passion, and communicate your story to potential donors. 

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* This project description features the work of Krista Paas Nicholas as the Project Architect, performed while at a previous firm.

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