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How does your space tell the story of your nonprofit organization? We know how important your nonprofit is to you and your team, and we can help your environment reflect that passion, and communicate your story to potential donors.

3 Little Halos - Safety Town

Motivated by the tragic loss of her grandchildren in a house fire, Susan Butler developed the nonprofit 3 Little Halos with the hopes of educating and empowering children of all ages to protect themselves by making good, safe decisions. To help reach their goal, 3 Little Halos wanted to build a miniature safety town where children could learn different safety lessons through interactive and classroom experiences. We designed an urban plan for the town, taking inspiration from midwestern Ohio small towns, particularly West Chester. With our design, we developed a 3D rendering that 3 Little Halos could present to potential sponsors.

Safety Town - 2019-07-26 Rendering_edited.jpg

Mother Mayflower - Cat Rescue

Inspired by a maternal, leukemia positive kitty named Mayflower, Mother Mayflower's Animal Haven was created as a forever homestead for cats that otherwise wouldn't be adopted. Our primary contribution was to help them accommodate more cats by expanding their space. In addition, we designed some fun, cat friendly spaces and litter stations to ease strain on their caretakers.

cat litter counter.png

Design Lab

Design lab is a program that introduces school-age children to the architecture, engineering, and construction professions. Teachers throughout the city implement design prompts and students form groups to work through the design project phases, build a model, and present their final solutions. We have been involved in Design Lab for many years to help demonstrate to the young women that participate that they can be anything they want to be, even architects! Click below to see Sarah Kleiner and many others talk about their positive experiences with Design Lab.

Screenshot 2022-11-03 133038.png
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