Beyond Impressionism - Columbus Museum of Art

This exhibit, organized by the Guggenheim Museum Bilbao, Spain, stretches the time period between Impressionism and Abstract Art. Classic Impressionist Claude Monet, Water Lilies, 1914 Monet was intent on capturing the light and movement in the scene, attempting to evoke feelings from the viewer. In Impressionism the subject matter is real, the colors are bright and the artists used large brushstrokes and contrasting colors to give vitality to their paintings. Neo-Impressionism Maximilien Luce, Gisors Cathedral, View from the Tanners’ Canal As art moved into Neo-Impressionism or Pointillism there are still many similarities such as bright contrasting colors and real subject matters. Now the

Iris van Herpen: Where Fashion, Art, Architecture and Engineering collide

What does fashion mean to you? It could be the clothing hanging in your closets, the beautiful pictures of celebrities in the magazines, or a unique accessory you love to wear that expresses your personality. If you missed the recent Iris van Herpen exhibit in Cincinnati, here is a quick overview of our impressions and how it change our mindset on the definition of fashion. My first impression of the exhibit was ‘sculpture’ and ‘did people really wear these garments?’ The garments didn’t look like anything my closet--that's for sure. They were larger-than-life and the materials ranged from acrylics to umbrella ribs to leather. It transcends clothing: works of art that embodies dimension,

Celebrity Presidents: An observation on branding

After the Golden Globes #Oprah2020 phenomenon, my cousin astutely pondered the following: It got me to thinking, and the answer is pretty simple. Branding. Both of these two very accomplished individuals are masters at branding. Branding is more than a logo or image, it’s how you connect with people. You are more likely to listen to somebody’s message if you have a connection with them. You know what to expect from them, whether you agree with their position or not. If you are bought into their brand, you trust them. Once you have found your authentic brand, everything must support it. It drives your marketing, your messaging, your images and your environment. Oprah’s investment in Weig

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