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Celebrity Presidents: An observation on branding

After the Golden Globes #Oprah2020 phenomenon, my cousin astutely pondered the following:

It got me to thinking, and the answer is pretty simple. Branding. Both of these two very accomplished individuals are masters at branding.

Branding is more than a logo or image, it’s how you connect with people.

You are more likely to listen to somebody’s message if you have a connection with them. You know what to expect from them, whether you agree with their position or not. If you are bought into their brand, you trust them.

Once you have found your authentic brand, everything must support it. It drives your marketing, your messaging, your images and your environment.

Oprah’s investment in Weight Watchers fits with her brand as self-help guru. Her influence has increased subscribers, gained greater commitment from subscribers and driven up revenues.

Donald Trump was everywhere, TV, Social Media, and the Trump logo was splashed all over his real estate empire.

For better or worse, they speak to us through these things, and people are listening. Can you say this about your message?

Think about your own branding and the brands of those companies that you love. How are those brands connecting with you? Why do you like it? What attracts you to that particular store or company?

Now, think about your own brand and your own retail space. How does your space support your brand values? Envisage Architecture can design your space to support your customer service and sales goals. Contact us to learn more about how we can create a space that works for you and speaks to your target customer.

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