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Multifamily Projects

From small 2-unit buildings to larger multi-unit complexes, we know how to design efficiently and stay within budget. 

3244 Fairfield - Our Office!

Cincinnati, OH

Located in the heart of Cincinnati, Ohio in the neighborhood of Evanston, we bought this blighted, multi-use building to renovate into our office space and eleven affordable residential units. Being the owner, architect, builder, tenant, and landlord has pushed us to think differently about how we design. How can we make something affordable without sacrifice? We've taken the lessons we've learned from this project and carried them with us through many others. This project was designed to be LEED Silver certified, received tax abatements from the City of Cincinnati, and received four zoning variances.

3244 Fairfield Rendering_jpeg for website.jpg

Victory Rentals Three-Family

Cincinnati, OH

The Oglesbees planned to turn this property into three units, that can be used as short-term rental units and a home for themselves, or three condos that would be sold individually in the future. Although they initially thought they could handle the project without an architect, as soon as it went beyond cosmetic changes, permits were required and they needed our help... 

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_Unit 3 Livingroom 2.jpg

Common Ground - Mixed Use Multifamily

Cincinnati, OH

This blighted building in Cincinnati's West End neighborhood was purchased by local business owners, Means Cameron and Tony Jones. As someone who grew up in the West End, Cameron wanted to give back to his community by rehabilitating this building. We created seven affordable apartments and restored the existing commercial space so a local eating establishment can rent the space and provide a much-needed service for the community.

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