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Victory Rentals

Cincinnati, OH

The owners planned to turn this property into three units, that can be used as short-term rental units and a home for themselves, or three condos that would be sold individually in the future. Although they initially thought they could handle the project without an architect, as soon as it went beyond cosmetic changes, permits were required and they needed our help. We were able to split the small property into two 2-bedroom, 2-full-bath units, and one 1-bedroom, 1-bath with a pull out couch and small kitchen. Today, they often rent out the whole property to be used for wedding parties.

Unit 3 Master Bathroom 1.jpg
Unit 1 Master Bedroom.jpg
Unit 3 Stairs.jpg
Unit 2 kitchen.jpg
Stairs from outside going in.jpg
Unit 2 Bedroom.jpg
_Unit 1 Livingroom Kitchen.jpg
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