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Single Family

Is your house meeting your needs? Do you have enough storage? Are you comfortable cooking in your kitchen? Do you have a first floor primary suite to allow you to age in place? If not, we can help!

Northern Kentucky Residence

Newport, KY

After returning home from a sabbatical in Morocco, our client wanted to live a simple, uncluttered life in a house that encompassed her passions: nature, travel, and painting...

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Evanston Residence #1

Cincinnati, OH

Roost Builders purchased this house with the intent of tearing it down and building a new home from scratch. Though the house was in terrible shape and part of the foundation had sunk 12 inches into the ground from water damage, the old wood was in beautiful shape, the structure allowed for an open-concept layout, and beautiful cedar shake shingles were preserved under the vinyl siding... Click to see more!


Hammond North - Penthouse Condominium

Cincinnati, OH

This developer purchased this penthouse condominium hoping to renovate it and either rent it out or sell it. While he originally thought the project scope would just be cosmetic, he was eventually told that he would need architectural drawings for a permit. That's when he came to us...

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5300 Hamilton Ave, Unit 19B, Cincinnati, OH_-3.jpg
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