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OTR's Hidden Gem

Before After

Sarah and Wendy have always felt pride in helping restore worn down buildings into their former glory. This was exactly the case for 163 East McMicken Ave.

Before photos:

Located in the heart of OTR, the goal of this project was to bring to life this mixed use building and covert it into the perfect single family home. From the photos you can see the building needed extensive work, but that didn't scare the team off. With a bit of design thinking, Sarah was able to restore and achieve 4 bedrooms and 2.5 bathrooms within the floor plan. Moving throughout the space, you will see a large open concept first floor with expansive rooms throughout. Attention to detail wasn't missed, featuring a completely upgraded modern design. The space features first floor laundry as well as a spacious walk in pantry. Be sure to check out the link below to make this gem yours today!

At Envisage, we never step down from a design challenge and can't wait to see what the next project brings! Check out Project Spotlight to see some of the other beautiful renovations that have been done!


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