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Universal Appeal

Open spaces, wide doorways, easy to use levers, zero-entry showers…sounds good, right? These features and more are part of a movement called Universal Design.

Simply stated, Universal Design means designing your home in a way that is beautiful, easy to use, and accessible for anyone of any ability. Design features that make your home beautiful, functional, and easy to use also make it flexible to meet the changing needs of you and your family.

Why not choose a home that will grow with you as your family naturally grows and changes? This home can do just that with its standard Universal Design features.

The first floor has an optional bedroom/den and a full bathroom with a beautiful zero-entry shower with reinforcing in the walls for installation of grab bars as needed, and an adjustable shower wand. Maybe your parents need to move in for a period of time or you go through a situation, like a surgery or injury, that limits your mobility, these features eliminate the necessity to use the stairs. Mobility issues affect 1 in 7 adults. Having an accessible first-floor means friends and family can visit you regardless of their personal abilities.

The first floor bathroom is close to the garage door, meaning any mess can get cleaned up with ease before tracking it through the house. With the zero-entry shower, the floor of the shower is level with the floor of the bathroom, but the water stays in the shower. If you need to bathe a pet or child, there’s no need to lift them over the lip of a shower or tub.

In the kitchen you will find under-cabinet task lighting, easy to use cabinet pulls, and generous spacing between the countertops.

The garage offers a ramp to the first floor living space which provides access to those who have difficulty navigating steps or who use a wheelchair, but also makes moving furniture and appliances easier. And when your baby falls asleep during a walk you can just roll the stroller in without having to disturb your little one.

The doors on the first-floor hallway are 36” wide with lever door handles making it easier to move furniture, appliances and people around. You can even open a door with a lever handle with your elbow when your hands are full. This also cuts down on the spread of germs.

This home allows you to age in place, with everything that you need to function in life on the first floor, including the master suite, kitchen, and laundry. Throughout your life you can stay in the neighborhood surrounded by friends and family. Not only is this healthier for your psyche, it also saves you money by allowing you to stay in your home longer, possibly eliminating the need to move into an assisted living facility.

The convenience of Universal Design is helpful for anyone at any life stage. If you are interested in purchasing a home with Universal Design features check out 3233 Fairfield Avenue.


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