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Places we love: The Fireplaces of Biltmore Estate

Today's post will be a continuation of the Places We Love series that focuses on the Biltmore Estate. If you haven't yet, make sure you check out our last post before reading this one which gives an overall tour of the estate! This week we will be focusing on the many beautiful fireplaces seen throughout the Biltmore. In total there are 65 fireplaces located all around the property. Lets take a look into some of our favorites!

Starting off with the largest fireplace, lets go to the Banquet Hall. Made up of three fireplaces with a massive limestone mantel, it is definitely a statement piece in the room. Ever since the 1920s, the triple fireplaces in the Banquet Hall have been at the center of the Christmas decorating festivities. As you can see from the photos, the mantel has been beautifully decorated for Christmas with lots of greenery, twinkly lights, and ribbons.

Next lets go to tapestry room. Located in the center of the room, the fireplace is just as beautiful and ornate as the tapestries that surround it. With a custom painted mural on top, and an ornately crafted mantel, this fireplace is definitely a show stopper.

Going next to the library, there is a huge fireplace with a mantle that reaches all the way up to the second story and features a massive painting and ornate frame. There is a grand staircase leading up to the book cases flanking both sides of the fireplace. One of the coolest features of this fireplace is the secret door located to the right of the mantle that allows guests to come and grab a book to read before bed.

Lastly lets focus on a few of the bedrooms. First in Mrs. Van Der Bilt's room, you can see a beautiful organic shaped fireplace to match her feminine oval style room. For Christmas it has been decorated with lots of greenery, gold leaves, and bows. Last but not least is one of our favorite fireplaces which is located in the guest room named the Chimney room. It was given this name because of its iconic chimney and mantle. Both were formed from a Swiss tile stove that was purchased by Mr. Van Der Bilt during one of his many European travels. The tile is hand painted porcelain tile that gave the influence for the rest of the room.

Let us know which one of the fireplaces is your favorite in the comments below!


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