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March Madness: Competition belongs on the court, not in your frame displays:

You do want your frame displays to reflect your brand. It can be appropriate to incorporate high end, sumptuous materials, but not in competition with the product. These wood fixtures and props are made of lovely, natural materials with texture and deep colors.

The fixture and materials may represents the brand, but it overpowers the frames. The frames on the upright display all but disappear on the dark background. The frames on the table fair a little better, the texture and shine of the fixture are the same color value of most of the frames. While the wood material certainly reflects the warmth, color and substantial qualities of this brand, the way in which it’s applied does not allow the product to shine.

Instead, use a charger with a neutral background to showcase the frames and compliment the fixture.

This display provides a neutral, complimentary backdrop for the frames. It also provides a structure and organization to the product that draws the customer in.

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