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Exciting World of Tiny Homes

The last few weeks at Envisage have been very exciting! We recently entered a competition focused on designing a microhome that couldn’t exceed 250 SF on the interior. Fitting a sleeping area, living room, kitchen, bathroom, and storage into such a small space proved to be quite the challenge but we were up for it!

Knowing the popularity of tiny homes and the hardships people all over the world are currently experiencing, we decided to take the approach from a Midwestern point of view knowing that if we could make it work here it could work anywhere. Our microhome is flexible, for the young and the old, for an inner-city infill lot or an off the grid weekend escape, for the sunny south or the blistery north; this home functions almost anywhere and can be utilized by anyone.

We decided the design should center on more than just the typical tiny home features and place a focus on universal design. Universal design is about more than just making a space comfortable for those with physical limitations. It is about ensuring the design of your space is welcoming and comfortable for those of all ages and abilities. By having thoughtful consideration of design choices, independence can be given to those who can only imagine living on their own.

It could be built as a simple one-story on grade as most tiny homes are, but we decided to show it as a three-level dwelling for several reasons. By raising the dwelling off the ground we can accommodate covered parking spaces, which disturbs less ground than having parking next to the home, it can be built in a flood or hurricane zone, and it requires a smaller lot size in the inner city. To accommodate the greatest number of people we’ve built in a chair lift so that anyone of any ability can visit or live here. The lift takes you to the main level as well as the rooftop terrace. The rooftop terrace again minimizes the amount of land to be developed while affording views and semi-private space for the occupants.

We had to ensure the home could function on and off grid so we choose to incorporate solar panels and a domestic wind turbine to save money and the planet from burning natural resources. There is a roof collection that holds rainwater above the bathroom and a tank at ground level that collects water from the shower and sinks that can be used to water the green walls and plants.

The home has so many amazing features including:

· 36” wide doors

· Open shelving for easy accessibility

· Double bed

· Pull out tv wall at bed with closet storage

· Murphy style bed with storage below

· Futon that serves as queen size guest bed

· Fold down table/desk in living area. Seat is a storage cube on casters which allows flexibility to move. Second fold-down table at roll up window doubles as table seating for guests.

· Bench/shoe cubby with coat hooks at entry

· Hanging rod for storage over washer/dryer

· Hooks and shelves on the wall going into the bathroom

· Smart LED’s throughout the space

· Energy efficient PTAC unit, highly insulated walls, roof, and floor with continuous insulation around the entire structure

Would you live in this tiny home? Let us know your thoughts below!


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