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Modular Construction - A Green Alternative to the Housing Shortage

Did you know that the homes at 3233 & 3235 Fairfield Avenue are being built using modular construction. You may be wondering what modular construction is and how it could benefit you as a home buyer. Continue reading for the answers to these important questions.

Modular construction is a process where the building is constructed off-site in modules that are then put together on site. They are built under controlled plant conditions, using the same materials, codes, and standards as traditionally built buildings.

Modules being built in the Unibilt facility

There are many advantages to modular construction that benefits you and the environment we live in. These advantages include being greener, faster, and smarter construction.

Modular construction is greener because factory-controlled construction generates less waste by recycling and being more efficient with use of materials, there’s better control of inventory, no need to overbuy, most site built projects purchase 10% more material than what is in the final building, and modular buildings have improved air quality because of factory-controlled conditions during construction which eliminates the potential for moisture being trapped in the new structure.

Wall being built in Unibilt facility

Modular construction is faster because as the construction of the modular building is taking place, the site and foundation work is taking place simultaneously which reduces construction time in half, construction is completed in a factory which reduces the risk of weather delays, and a home can be built in under a month.

Lastly, modular construction is smarter because indoor construction creates a safer environment and reduces the risk of accidents. Also, modular construction uses Building Information Modeling (BIM) to assess energy performance of the building and identify the most cost-effective efficiency measures. Modular buildings can be designed to look like any site built home.


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